Win Tickets to TomorrowWorld

Win Tickets to TomorrowWorld


August 22nd, 2015

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My God people, 34 days until the loudest and most profound light show to ever hit South Fulton County begins and Trey Humphrey’s middle aged ass is going to be there. If you go to one festival in your life, whether you like dance music or not, this is it. The damn main stage is 3 football fields wide and a hair shy of Mt. Everest tall. These fools spend 80 billion dollars on pyro, lasers, stages, lasers, lighting, DJs, stages, lasers and a huge a$$ metal walkway over the lakes. At last count there are 10 stages and 100,000 hot chicks in tutus and glitter. They have villages of food and more white people than water polo. You must join us at this beast!
Special for ASM Folks: We are offering a FREE Social Mess Halloween ticket for every TomorrowWorld ticket purchased through THIS LINK. We are trying to show the Belgians that we know how to party in Atlanta. If we sell enough of their tickets, they will give us one 6-pack of Bud Light.
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By The Way did we mention we’re GIVING AWAY TomorrowWorld tickets over the next 30ish days?

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