Halloween Party #5 Hosts

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Halloween Party #5 Hosts: Alex Branch, Ashley Hesseltine, Brian Sernulka, Brianna Dane, Ceci Mattei, Dice K, Jake “Snake” Schumacher, Jay Mayor Winter, Jennifer Lester Lingvall, Joe Rountree, John John “Free Hugs” “Rampage” “Double John” “Skunk Ape” “Dolphin Loving” Delladonna, Jordan Dillard, Kelly Chase, Kelly O’Brien, Keri Kilgore, Laura Diem, Lauren Blackstock, Lauren Ruel, Logan Daniels (Reubens Bell), Macy Omer, Matt Stephen, Meagan Cavanaugh, Mercedes Montalvo, Michael Cash, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Nick Via, Rae Riccio, Sara Davis, Thais Rodriguez, Thomas Rittle (likes to get physical), Trey Humphreys


Vday UNfashion Show


Hello sweet lover! It’s your mistress A Social Mess. Your well endowed, lustful and busty Social Mess. I want you so bad. I need you. Snapchat me you sexy beast. Listen folks, here at A Social Mess we are not very good at love and whatnot but by George we are good at partying. Therefore, we are throwing a sweet little extravaganza on Valentines Day for those who think Valentines day is nonsense. Spray tans and botox, we are taking over Johnny’s Hideaway Thursday night, February 14th for the Social Mess UNfashion show and Lovers Utopia. We are going to highlight awful fashion on hot chicks and fat dudes. We are also going to bring in our DJs, Johnnys DJs and a myraid of Atlanta’s finest folks. This is a FREE party so come play with us. You will laugh, you will cry and you might go home with someone in your grandparents bingo group. Enjoy the sweet, sultry sounds of DJ CANNONBALL and DJ MADFLIP whilst previewing 2013 fashions only approved by A Social Mess and modeled by hot and not Social Mess Models. THURSDAY FEB 14th 8 pm – who cares, JOHNNY’S HIDEAWAY! FREE! Get your free ticket HERE.

21+, Tickets are first come first serve at the door.

Lepre*CON 2013 Shots

Someone, anyone, please tell me how (exactly how) ANYONE who lives in Ireland is still alive. Lepre*CON 2013 beat us like things that really get beat up. ONE HELL OF A PARTY. Best party yet! God Bless you people. We want to thank all of you booze-hounds who showed up in a frenzy Saturday. We can’t wait to do it again. Now, here are the pictures from the greatest St. Pats party of all time (well at least the ones the sober lawyers say we can release). Look for the others on Cinemax.LepreCON 2013

LepreCON 2013


Call the NRA, this ones doing to be outrageous. A Social Mess presents the 4th annual LEPRE*CON 2013! Last year we has a small gathering of 4000 people and this year we are going large! Saturday, March 16th at Park Tavern: 3 pm till the Irish win a football game. The Spring Break Stage is BACK and we are making the contest more illegal full of debauchery.  We are also bringing in the current DJ from LMFAO – DJ Dainjazone, and original Beastie Boys DJ – DJ Hurricane to our usual Madflip hoopla…because they can PARTY. This is the St. Patrick’s day party of all parties. Ireland will be closed as they all will be at the Park Tavern. Wait till you see who we have hosting this beast! Oh lawd. Wear green, wear chaps, wear chains, wear your mother – we don’t care. Get your ticket now because we have to shut of presale tickets at 2000 (’til we know the weather permits!). Rules are rules, man. CONTESTS, DJS, HALF NUDE CHICKS, WET TSHIRTS, BUD LIGHT, JAGERMEISTER SHOTS, BUNIONS, FOAM PIT and real bull riding if we can talk Park Tavern into it. Love you.

And now, here is a video from last year’s mayhem. Enjoy. GET TICKETS.

Hosted by: Alex Branch, Abigail Thompson, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hesseltine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Brian Stearns, Buddy Owen, Casey Arundel, Jenny Tribuzio, Jacob SNAKE Schumaker, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John “FREE HUGS” Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kelly Chase, Kelly O’Brien, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter Duncan, Keri Kilgore, Logan Duke, Macy Omer, Jay “MAYOR” Winter, Mercedes Montalvo, Matt Stephen (Cheater), Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Rae Riccio, Tom Rittle, SaraBeth Custin, Trey Humphreys

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The World’s Greatest Most Fantastic Super Duper Anti-hotel New Year’s Eve Gala Extravaganza in the Universe. Ever. Part IV.

A Social Mess, in all its glory, is proud to present THE WORLDS GREATEST, MOST FANTASTIC SUPER DUPER ANTI-HOTEL NEW YEARS EVE GALA EXTRAVAGANZA IN THE UNIVERSE. EVER. PART IV. This epic New Year’s Eve Party will be the sexiest soiree in all of Atlanta and surrounding countries with 1,500 of the hottest ladies and gents in the South ringing in 2013 with a BANG. You’ll enter through a masquerade ball in the front of the BUCKHEAD THEATRE, so wear a mask and show off your mysterious side. To set the mood and keep you dancing all night long, we’ll have world-famous(ish) DJs Madflip, Mynd, Cannonball, and those wild Pananama City Boyz on old-school turntables on stage and the smokin’ hot DJ Camille ripping up the ones and twos in the center of the ballroom.

What about whip cream? We got you covered (only if you want to be). Whip cream wrestling? Sure, why not? Near-naked hotties in body paint? Done. Massive dessert/candy buffet? We know what you want. And because we’re sweet, let’s throw in Social Mess Candy Girls giving out free suckers all night long and if you can guess how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, we’ll enter you in the midnight kissing contest (still working out the kinks on that one). Don’t forget about the confetti and condom drop at midnight (safety first), and surprise antics only A Social Mess could pull off.

As for a few MINOR DETAILS: Open bar ALL NIGHT long with premium liquors and no lines, delicious food spread, complimentary coat check, massive restrooms, prop-filled photo booth, and 10,000+ square feet of pure amazing. Wear a tux or a sparkly party dress. Wear jean cut-offs and a Starter jacket. We don’t care! Get your tickets now before the price goes up like a 14-year-old watching Cinemax. We’re also presenting the first-ever VIP areas in the history of Social Mess events! Slow down, Cletus, there will only be two, but they will be BALLER SHOT CALLER status, so stay tuned for more info. Email us at events@asocialmess.com for group discounts for ten or more.

Justin Timberlake don’t know nothin’ about this kinda of sexy. GET TICKETS.

  • 7,000 SQ FT. LOBBY AREA
  • 6,000 SQ FT. 2nd LEVEL PARTY
  • 2013 PHOTO BOOTH

Tickets on sale NOW…GET EM HERE!

BROUGHT TO YOU BY A SOCIAL MESS’ DANGER SQUAD: Abigail Thompson, Alex Branch, Alexi Wilbourn, Allie Burrow, Ashley HESSeltine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Brian Stearns, Buddy Owen, Eli Nagle, Jacob SNAKE Schumaker, Jay Mayor Winter, Jennifer LESTER, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, Joel Darby, John John “FREE HUGS” Delladonna, Jonathan J-YO Young, Katie Jackson, Kelly O’Brien, Keri Kilgore, Kim NO PANTS Junod, Libby Vawter Duncan, Logan Duke, Macy Omer, Matt Stephen, Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Rae Ricio, SaraBeth Custin, Tom Rittle, Trey TOM Humphreys

Lepre*CON 2012


IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! The appearance of the luckiest leprechaun of all time will be present at A Social Mess’ 2012 St. Pats Fest! You heard me, John John O’ Delladonnerty will be casting his magical wand over all this year on March 17th for St. Pats Fest at Park Tavern! Join Bud Light and A Social Mess for an entire day of nonsense which will include live music, your mom, her therapist and 5,000 Irish acting Atlantans with a sweet buzz. Drink Responsibly. You know A Social Mess will be planning some outrageous activities AS USIE, so check with your physician.

Let’s get ready to stumble!

Breakfast Club ’80s Band
DJ Madflip + DJ Counterstrike + DJ Cannonball
Sharkman + Francine the Dolphin
Green Bud Light
Wasted Potential Brass Band
A-list celebs like Tribble Reese + Ace Amerson
Whipped Cream Wrestling (safer than Jell-O)
Dizzy Bat Slap Races (wtf?)
Spring Break Games hosted by Dirty South Trivia
Wanna-be VJs
Wet t-shirt Contests
Make Out in the Grass
Bocce Ball Courts compliments of Atlanta Bocce League
Basically…..doors at 2PM, nonsense all day.

And now….your lovely HOSTS!! Alex Branch, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hessletine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Buddy Owen, Casey Murphy, Ellen Terchila, Jacob Schumacher, Jay Winter (Mayor of Ponce), Jennifer Harper, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter, Logan Duke, Matt Stephen, Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Mimi Thornton, Mindy Morgan, Rae Riccio, Todd Benson, Trey Humphreys

The World’s Greatest Most Fantastic Super Duper Anti-hotel New Year’s Eve Gala Extravaganza in the Universe. Ever. Part II.


On the thirty first day of the year two thousand and ten and commencing at the hour eight Prime Meridian, the enchanted SOCIAL MESS caste and Bud Light dynasty invite the peeps of the republic and Wal-mart to

The World’s Greatest Most Fantastic Super Duper Anti-hotel New Year’s Eve Gala Extravaganza in the Universe. Ever. Part II.

This magical, theatrical, concertagical, DJagical, allyoucandrinkagical event and production is brought to you by Bud Light and A Social Mess. Hark the Angels, cancel AOL Online, fondle passengers at TSA and sell the ferrets because here we go again! Last year our NYE party sold out before Christmas so we are headed over to the Buckhead Theatre where we are planning the most bizarre, mind blowing entertainment this side of Piedmont. We know, all you care about is the OPEN BAR. This is an all-inclusive event which means free premium booze bar for those of you who failed Spanish 2 and/or Geology. Now, for those of you brain-childs who haven’t figured our MIT engineered highly complex ticket price programming platform, here it is. The first tickets are $75. Then $100.  Then $125. Then $150. The nerds over at Chattahoochee PolyTech informed us that the best deal is $75. Do you realize $75 is two drinks at a night club or a size medium Ed Hardy nightclub t-shirt?  Sweet goats we are practically giving it away! Our event will be a production unlike any other and include: 5 different DJs, a band, half naked dancing girls, drummers, booze, a professional dance crew, Tomahawk girls, 4 different areas, your mom, our mom and $400,000 in set design, lighting and ONE Condoms.  Wear a tuxedo, gown, jeans, pajamas, bikinis, blouses, leather pants, facemasks, wigs, newspaper or Keds shoes – WE DONT CARE.

HOSTED BY…Angel Santivasci, Ashley Hessletine, Buddy Owen, Casey Murphy, Catherine Orr, Gabby Klaes, James Wood, Jenn Gay, Jennifer Lester, Jenny Tribuzio, Jessica Hodnett, Jimbo Tomanchek, John John Delladonna, Jonathan Horowitz, Katy Brownlow, Kelly Koklas, Lane Parker, Lauren Sizemore, Matt Booker, Matt Stephen, Mick McDonald, MiMi Thorton, Nikky Williams, Patrick Jones, SaraBeth Custin, Tasha Mize, Trey Humphreys


Cuervo Games 8.14.2010

Let the games begin! August 14 JOSE CUERVO takes over Centennial Olympic Park for Cuervo Games! Live performances by N.E.R.D. and Teddy Porter, margaritas galore, food and teams of four competing in gladiator style competitions that will either humiliate them or send them to Las Vegas for the national finals! This FREE FESTIVAL is open to all ages.  Do you think you are an athlete? Do you like participating in ridiculously hard and obscure events? Register your 4 person team HERE or just watch the games like a pansy.  You might make it all the way to the finals in VIVA Las Vegas to be crowned the Cuervo Games National Champions and win ah-maaaazing prizes.

The nonathletic, arguably handicapped, liver diseased losers from A SOCIAL MESS have put together a team to compete against Project 9-6-1.  Will they win? OH HELL NO…but they will put on a show and get injured.  The games kick off at 2:00 followed by a trip to the hospital for them.  Come support Trey, John John, Matt Stephen & Ace Amerson for the glory as TEAM A SOCIAL MESS.  God help them.

5:30 – 6:30 PM: A Social Mess vs. Project 9-6-1