Social Mess Ultimate Givaway! FREE SHIZZZZZZZZZ!

Just like your girl Oprah, we got some shiz to give away. Damn right. That ol girl ain’t got nothing on us. Ish. Here we go with our first ever GIVEAWAY ISSUE!


Lepre*CON 2015 WIN 4 TICKETS | March 14, 2015 |Post a picture of a Dolphin on your Instagram profile and tag us (@asocialmess) and #leprecon2015  (Instagram profile must be set to public, Winner announced Friday at noon)

Smokebelly BBQ $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE | Tweet a random mac-n-cheese recipe idea and tag @smokebellybbq and @asocialmess  (Winner announced Friday at 1PM)

Beltline Boil WIN 2 TICKETS | April 4th in Inman Park | Email a joke to  (Winner announced Friday at 2:43PM)

Atlanta Wine Party WIN 2 TICKETS | March 7th at Opera 6PM – 10PM |  Tweet your favorite wine and tag @asocialmess  (Winner announced Friday at 3PM)

Hogs & Hops WIN 2 TICKETS | April 11th 1PM – 5PM Masquarade Music Park | Instagram a picture of a beat up rabbit and tag @asocialmess and @atlantabeerfestivals  (Winner announced Friday at 4PM)

The Pool Hall WIN $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE + A HUG | Facebook John John Delladonna and tell him to give you a $50 gift Certificate (Winner chosen at John John Delladonna’s discretion)


Lepre*CON 2013 Shots

Someone, anyone, please tell me how (exactly how) ANYONE who lives in Ireland is still alive. Lepre*CON 2013 beat us like things that really get beat up. ONE HELL OF A PARTY. Best party yet! God Bless you people. We want to thank all of you booze-hounds who showed up in a frenzy Saturday. We can’t wait to do it again. Now, here are the pictures from the greatest St. Pats party of all time (well at least the ones the sober lawyers say we can release). Look for the others on Cinemax.LepreCON 2013

LepreCON 2013


Call the NRA, this ones doing to be outrageous. A Social Mess presents the 4th annual LEPRE*CON 2013! Last year we has a small gathering of 4000 people and this year we are going large! Saturday, March 16th at Park Tavern: 3 pm till the Irish win a football game. The Spring Break Stage is BACK and we are making the contest more illegal full of debauchery.  We are also bringing in the current DJ from LMFAO – DJ Dainjazone, and original Beastie Boys DJ – DJ Hurricane to our usual Madflip hoopla…because they can PARTY. This is the St. Patrick’s day party of all parties. Ireland will be closed as they all will be at the Park Tavern. Wait till you see who we have hosting this beast! Oh lawd. Wear green, wear chaps, wear chains, wear your mother – we don’t care. Get your ticket now because we have to shut of presale tickets at 2000 (’til we know the weather permits!). Rules are rules, man. CONTESTS, DJS, HALF NUDE CHICKS, WET TSHIRTS, BUD LIGHT, JAGERMEISTER SHOTS, BUNIONS, FOAM PIT and real bull riding if we can talk Park Tavern into it. Love you.

And now, here is a video from last year’s mayhem. Enjoy. GET TICKETS.

Hosted by: Alex Branch, Abigail Thompson, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hesseltine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Brian Stearns, Buddy Owen, Casey Arundel, Jenny Tribuzio, Jacob SNAKE Schumaker, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John “FREE HUGS” Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kelly Chase, Kelly O’Brien, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter Duncan, Keri Kilgore, Logan Duke, Macy Omer, Jay “MAYOR” Winter, Mercedes Montalvo, Matt Stephen (Cheater), Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Rae Riccio, Tom Rittle, SaraBeth Custin, Trey Humphreys

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