Ticket Price Increase Next Tuesday. THANKS OBAMA.

We apologize, but are forced by the laws of nature to increase ticket prices next Tuesday due to higher than usual ticket sales. You see, math whizzes, we are only allowed to sell a certain amount of pre-sale tickets due to space constraints at Piedmont Park. Ergo, we cannot sell all the tickets at welfare levels ($13) forever or we don’t make money and God knows we love money. Jennifer wants to retire in a duplex one day and John John has his eyes on a Honda Civic lease. I’m focused on a used oriental rug next year. The only way to accomplish these milestones is to make money. The point is get your tickets while they are less expensive than most pet store fresh water fish.




  • live hamster
  • small burnt coffee at Starbucks
  • Half of a free range grass feed sustainable egg at whole foods
  • 38 pairs of socks on Buford Highway
  • a cute pink duster from Target
  • can of Four Loco
  • pair of shoe strings


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The 5 Atlanta Festivals You Cannot Miss in 2015 Unless You Literally Can’t Even (Attend)

Sure there is the Dogwood Festival and the Inman Park Festival if you like buying birdhouses made out of license plates but what if you like to party? What if you enjoy a few brews and poor morals? What if you are young, single and sick of Chatroulette? Well friends, we have you covered. Here are the 5 festivals you should put in your day-timer for 2015.

5. TomorrowWorld – Sept 25, 26, 27 Chattahoochee Hills

This is the best EDM festival in the United States and it is in your backyard. Or some farmer’s backyard. Why is it the best? Because it is 21 and up. That’s why. Plus there are no lines for beer because all 60k people are huffing water all night for some reason.

4. FOO FIGHTERS – Oct 4th Centennial Olympic Park

Somehow our buddy Josh has lined up the greatest living band in the entire world for Centennial Park on October 4th. Dave Grohl is the coolest dude on the planet (besides Tony Robbins) and puts on one of the greatest live shows in the world (aside from Siegfried and Roy in Vegas. The tiger guys?) Anyway, if there are tickets still available get your shit together and buy a half dozen.

3. Shaky Knees Music Festival – May 8, 9, 10 Centennial Olympic Park

Ol boy Tim Sweetwood has built up a doozy here over the past few years. What once was held in pure mud at the Masquerade with some indie hippie bluegrass band has evolved into a 400 band fiasco at Centennial Olympic park. Tim, who is much taller than we are, has lined up some greats this year including The Strokes, The Avett Brothers, The Black Lips and some dude named Steve Gunn whoever that weirdo is.

2. Steamhouse Lounge Original Oysterfest – Feb 21st & 22nd 11th St & W Peachtree

This has been an Atlanta staple for the past 28 years. Did you hear me? 28 mother grabbing years. This beast takes place in Midtown and produces around a quarter trillion roasted oysters. Live music, booze, booze, booze and some booze. Budweiser and a shot of Jäger, rinse, repeat.

1. LEPRE*CON – March 14th Park Tavern

Shocker, our party comes in number one. Whatever, THE PEOPLE VOTED. It is the best St. Patrick’s Day party in the universe and doesn’t cost $400 a ticket. There are over 4,000 hot and horny folks making bad decisions and a few making real bad decisions (the contests, damn those contests). There is also a grassy hill, spring break stage, harem of DJs, live band, booze for days and a wet T-shirt contest because we think we are still 17 years old.

There you go folks. Cancel your Netflix and buy a funny shirt because festival season is upon us!

Social Mess Festival Research Division

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A Social Mess and its constituents (those don’t exist) are proud to announce LERPRE*CON 2015 at the Park Tavern on March 14th. Somehow, someway, this party has become our largest and wildest party of the year and we are not even Irish. Ish. There was that one time we racked up 42 shots of Jameson before 9 pm in Little 5 Points which literally brought Tom to tears but let’s put that aside for now. With an average attendance hovering around 4000 people and two full stages, LEPRE*CON has got to be the best-valued ticket on earth. Hell, the damn things start around $10. This year’s entertainment line up is starting to take form with DJ EU, DJ MADFLIP, DJ DK, Jacob & The Good People and more announced soon. The spring break stage is back with ridiculous contests and general buffoonery. As always, there are a few surprises up our sleeves for you green geeks. Take a look at last year’s video if you have never been WATCH THIS VIDEO FOLKS!

We can’t wait to start partying with you folks at 2 pm on March 14th!

LERPRE*CON Leprechauns.

Green Swan Here – It’s LepreCON Time

Hot Pants – Green Swan here. Wanted to shoot you all an email while LEPRECON 2014 tickets are only FIVE DOLLARS (with promo codes, of course). They are going up Wednesday at midnight – then up and up and up. I’m sure you received the 1,248,329th invite on MySpace. Because this party is freaking awesome. Get y’er dang ticket. Saturday, MARCH 8 – Park Tavern. If we sell 3,000 in pre-sales, my mom – Karen Crady Portish, will come to the party. Remember last year? Let me take your memory for a jog: Pump up the volume and CLICK HERE. -Lester

You have to come. Where else can you…

Get Down on Vodka with the Pope: LepreCON


Be Clear of Forest Fires: LepreCON


Get crappy portraits for 1cent: LepreCON


Make mom proud: LepreCON


Take SPIN Class from a Seahorse: LepreCON


Sing Along to the Sound of Trey Humphreys Getting Older: LepreCON


Watch an Octopus Get Faded on Bud Light: LepreCON



Also, if you love to run or drink or wear facial hair, we’re about to launch Stache Dash. There are some pre-launch / early bird registration tix open right now for only $20 (on May 3 in Atlanta and Nashville – so tell your honkey tonk friends before we launch that shiz). Ole!


10 Reasons LEPRE*CON St Pats Party is the Best Party of the Year

My God, our St. Patrick’s Day party, which we called LEPRE*CON after the beloved and bizarre DRAGON CON, is just one fantastic gathering. There are gallons of reasons why I think it is the best party of the year. First and foremost, I have come exceedingly close to actually hooking up with a chick at a few of these parties. BOOM! Call Trojan or Snapchat your mother. One day, it will happen. One day.  Anystuff, here are the top 10 reasons this is the party of the year (tag words: St Patricks Day Party, Atlanta, ST PATS PARTY, Bud Light, Booze, Atlanta, Google rules, AOL is not dead, rubbers):

10: PARK TAVERN – we hold this beast at Park Tavern which has enough space to cram in over 4,000 booze fueled, sex-a-holic Atlantans.

crwd 1

9:  WHAT TO WEAR – this is a breeze because half the damn battle is already done for you –  outfit must be green.


8: DAY PARTY – It starts at 3 pm so you are bamboozled by 5:25 pm and asleep by midnight aiding in the reduction of a Sunday hangover. See you in church.


7:  WET T-SHIRT CONTEST – the aid of booze and a massive spring break stage at the bottom of the grassy hill is breeding grounds for our annual ST PATS wet T-shirt contest which is always a doozy.

wt t

6. WEATHER – it is the beginning of spring and the temperatures are perfect for an outdoor / indoor party.

5. SEXY PEOPLE  – The most attractive people in Atlanta!

swag 2

4.  DJS – we bring in Atlanta’s best DJs and some others from around the country.  Pure bliss.


3.  EX GIRLFRIENDS – Always nice to catch up with ex’s.

ex g

2.  LENTILS – you ever had lentels? Pretty good food.  Nothing to do with the party though.

1.  THE POPE – the Pope comes to this party to bless us all.

popeSee you there!


Lepre*CON 2013 Shots

Someone, anyone, please tell me how (exactly how) ANYONE who lives in Ireland is still alive. Lepre*CON 2013 beat us like things that really get beat up. ONE HELL OF A PARTY. Best party yet! God Bless you people. We want to thank all of you booze-hounds who showed up in a frenzy Saturday. We can’t wait to do it again. Now, here are the pictures from the greatest St. Pats party of all time (well at least the ones the sober lawyers say we can release). Look for the others on Cinemax.LepreCON 2013

LepreCON 2013


Call the NRA, this ones doing to be outrageous. A Social Mess presents the 4th annual LEPRE*CON 2013! Last year we has a small gathering of 4000 people and this year we are going large! Saturday, March 16th at Park Tavern: 3 pm till the Irish win a football game. The Spring Break Stage is BACK and we are making the contest more illegal full of debauchery.  We are also bringing in the current DJ from LMFAO – DJ Dainjazone, and original Beastie Boys DJ – DJ Hurricane to our usual Madflip hoopla…because they can PARTY. This is the St. Patrick’s day party of all parties. Ireland will be closed as they all will be at the Park Tavern. Wait till you see who we have hosting this beast! Oh lawd. Wear green, wear chaps, wear chains, wear your mother – we don’t care. Get your ticket now because we have to shut of presale tickets at 2000 (’til we know the weather permits!). Rules are rules, man. CONTESTS, DJS, HALF NUDE CHICKS, WET TSHIRTS, BUD LIGHT, JAGERMEISTER SHOTS, BUNIONS, FOAM PIT and real bull riding if we can talk Park Tavern into it. Love you.

And now, here is a video from last year’s mayhem. Enjoy. GET TICKETS.

Hosted by: Alex Branch, Abigail Thompson, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hesseltine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Brian Stearns, Buddy Owen, Casey Arundel, Jenny Tribuzio, Jacob SNAKE Schumaker, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John “FREE HUGS” Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kelly Chase, Kelly O’Brien, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter Duncan, Keri Kilgore, Logan Duke, Macy Omer, Jay “MAYOR” Winter, Mercedes Montalvo, Matt Stephen (Cheater), Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Rae Riccio, Tom Rittle, SaraBeth Custin, Trey Humphreys

IbH9ih on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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Lepre*CON 2012


IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! The appearance of the luckiest leprechaun of all time will be present at A Social Mess’ 2012 St. Pats Fest! You heard me, John John O’ Delladonnerty will be casting his magical wand over all this year on March 17th for St. Pats Fest at Park Tavern! Join Bud Light and A Social Mess for an entire day of nonsense which will include live music, your mom, her therapist and 5,000 Irish acting Atlantans with a sweet buzz. Drink Responsibly. You know A Social Mess will be planning some outrageous activities AS USIE, so check with your physician.

Let’s get ready to stumble!

Breakfast Club ’80s Band
DJ Madflip + DJ Counterstrike + DJ Cannonball
Sharkman + Francine the Dolphin
Green Bud Light
Wasted Potential Brass Band
A-list celebs like Tribble Reese + Ace Amerson
Whipped Cream Wrestling (safer than Jell-O)
Dizzy Bat Slap Races (wtf?)
Spring Break Games hosted by Dirty South Trivia
Wanna-be VJs
Wet t-shirt Contests
Make Out in the Grass
Bocce Ball Courts compliments of Atlanta Bocce League
Basically…..doors at 2PM, nonsense all day.

And now….your lovely HOSTS!! Alex Branch, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hessletine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Buddy Owen, Casey Murphy, Ellen Terchila, Jacob Schumacher, Jay Winter (Mayor of Ponce), Jennifer Harper, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter, Logan Duke, Matt Stephen, Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Mimi Thornton, Mindy Morgan, Rae Riccio, Todd Benson, Trey Humphreys