Mess of a Host Posse

Trainwrecks of A Social Mess include (but are not limited to):


Allie Burrow, Abigail Thompson, Arty Santos, Bonnie Lee, Alex Branch, Brian Sernulka, Casey Arundel, Meagan Cavanaugh, Kelly Chase, Dice K, John John “Free Hugs” Delladonna, Kelly O’Brien, Keri Kilgore, Jennifer Lester Lingvall, Libby Vawter Duncan, Macy Omer, Matt Stephen, Jay “Mayor” Winter, Megan Larissa, Mercedes Montalvo, Mick McDonald, Nathan Rigsby, Rae Riccio, Sara Beth Custin, Tom Rittle, Joe Rountree, Sara Davis, SaraBeth Custin, Jake “Snake” Schumacher, Brian Stearns, Trey “is forty” Humphreys

Are you like these Neanderthals? Email John John with why you think you’d be a good host + should be in this photo. Also tell him how much you love dolphins. And hugs. And skunk apes.