Welcome the greatest party of the year, LEPRECON 2015. Indeed kind sir, on March 14th our worries melt into a sea of booze and green. We, along with 4000+ of our most fantastic friends,  we raise our glass/can/bottle/shots to Ol boy “St. Patricks” as we loosen our morals and make unhealthy decisions.  And to aid us in this endeavor, here are some of the artists booked thus far:


  • Jacob & The Good People (and friends)
  • DJ Cannonball
  • The Panama City Boyz
  • Speakerfoxxx
  • DJ EU
  • DJ Madflip
  • DJ DiceK

You just wait friends. We are currently negotiating more entertainment and have a few surprises up our sleeves, per usual.  Well, not literally up our sleeves but in the works. What and where are the works? Who knows. God Bless. Get a TICKET or wait till the door when they are $40 – $12,000 each.

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