Lepre*CON 2012


January 12th, 2012

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IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! The appearance of the luckiest leprechaun of all time will be present at A Social Mess’ 2012 St. Pats Fest! You heard me, John John O’ Delladonnerty will be casting his magical wand over all this year on March 17th for St. Pats Fest at Park Tavern! Join Bud Light and A Social Mess for an entire day of nonsense which will include live music, your mom, her therapist and 5,000 Irish acting Atlantans with a sweet buzz. Drink Responsibly. You know A Social Mess will be planning some outrageous activities AS USIE, so check with your physician.

Let’s get ready to stumble!

Breakfast Club ’80s Band
DJ Madflip + DJ Counterstrike + DJ Cannonball
Sharkman + Francine the Dolphin
Green Bud Light
Wasted Potential Brass Band
A-list celebs like Tribble Reese + Ace Amerson
Whipped Cream Wrestling (safer than Jell-O)
Dizzy Bat Slap Races (wtf?)
Spring Break Games hosted by Dirty South Trivia
Wanna-be VJs
Wet t-shirt Contests
Make Out in the Grass
Bocce Ball Courts compliments of Atlanta Bocce League
Basically…..doors at 2PM, nonsense all day.

And now….your lovely HOSTS!! Alex Branch, Allie Burrow, Ashley Hessletine, Bonnie Lee, Brian Sernulka, Buddy Owen, Casey Murphy, Ellen Terchila, Jacob Schumacher, Jay Winter (Mayor of Ponce), Jennifer Harper, Jennifer Lester, Jimbo Tomanchek, Joe Rountree, John John Delladonna, Katie Jackson, Kim Junod, Libby Vawter, Logan Duke, Matt Stephen, Meagan Cavanaugh, Mick McDonald, Mimi Thornton, Mindy Morgan, Rae Riccio, Todd Benson, Trey Humphreys

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