Guess what? It is festival season which is the precursor to bathing suit season which means you have to get your fat a** in shape. Well, low and behold we have a deal for you friends. Our buddies over at Gusto! Woodfire Grill have teamed up with Flywheel and are giving away some food and classes! Gusto is new killer concept over by Piedmont Hospital (CLICK TO WIN!) that serves healthy rice and salad bowls plus flat-bread wraps. Flywheel is an intense spin class that burns about 800,000 calories in 45 minutes. Sidenote: the last time I was in Gusto they had this chocolate fudge type thing that was the greatest piece of food I have ever tasted in my entire life. Sorry, I digress. At any rate, register (here) to win $200 in food and 10 flywheel classes! That is worth around $27,000 ish. Healthy food that actually tastes good and spin classes that are actually fun? I think so….. GET IT!

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