On May 19, 2016 I feel in love with a beautiful woman. The first time I laid eyes on her she took my breath away. She also took a pack of Nutter Butter cookies. We connected immediately and were lost in each others’ eyes. She is a recovering alcoholic, 43 years old and named Mila. She was rescued by Jane Goodall from a bar in Tanzania when she was 18 years old, where she was given booze and cigarettes by the patrons every day since she was young. They relocated her Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Zambia where she had to be detoxed. I was there helping build a school for Children of Conservation and, well, we fell in love. Or at least I thought we did …

HEY! Let’s party. Join us on August 11th from 7 pm-10 pm for my wedding (with a chimpanzee) at Eats & Beats! Why? Two words: THERE IS A KICK ASS OPEN BAR AND FREE FOOD FROM THE BEST RESTAURANTS IN ATLANTA AS WELL AS YACHT ROCK REVUE PLAYING LIVE ON STAGE.

Oh, and it helps the kids of the sanctuary workers over in Africa as well as hospitality industry folks who are in hard times here in Atlanta. Specifically, Children of Conservation and The Giving Kitchen.

How much you say? There are a few presale tickets on sale right now for $55 and you can save an extra $10 bucks if you use the code “ASM”. Without doing long division and Algebra II, that is $45 a ticket. $45 for open bar, free food from 25 of the best restaurants in Atlanta and Yacht Rock Review. Seriously? Yes. Seriously. I am being serious. Swear. Do it. It? Yes, it. Buy the tickets. You need them. They’re going to get expensive. Do it now.


RESTAURANTS INCLUDE Local Three, Cibo e Beve, Common Quarter, Muss & Turners, The Big Ketch, Gypsy Kitchen (VIP), The Southern Gentleman (VIP), Smokebelly BBQ, Dennis Dean Catering (VIP), Paces & Vine, Eclipse di Luna, Metrotainment Bakeries, Guaco Joe’s, Farmburger, Doraku Sushi, Venkman’s, Food 101, Epic Events (VIP), Chicken & the Egg, Davios at Phipp’s Plaza (VIP), Watershed on Peachtree, Wrecking Bar, Cook Hall, Red Sky Tapas, Horseradish Grill … more to be announced soon

Maybe one day Mila and I will get married. However, the keepers mentioned that she is very popular and may have other love interests. Now, I am not a jealous person but I can not handle that shi … So it goes, love it a battlefield.

Buy a ticket yet?      -Tinder Tom



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