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Burns Night Blitz

Burns Night Blitz


January 23rd, 2017

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Calling all Scotsman! Calling all Scotswomen! Calling all people who drink Scotch! Calling Scott! … What?

It’s Burns Night right here in Atlanta! What is Burns Night? It’s a celebration over in Scotland for the OG Robert Burns’ birthday. Glenlivet has teamed up with Bookhouse Pub to throw the best Scottish Birthday Party every to be held in Atlanta on Jan 25th (6-9PM).

Who is Robert Burns? Please. Big Bobby Burns was a legend in Scotland and wrote Auld Lang Syne. THEREFORE, we are having a Scottish New Year’s Eve countdown (at 8 pm) as well complete with a balloon drop, kilt raising and huge Scottish toast – not the bread.

We wanted to spice this party up a smidgen, so we are adding a few “Social Mess inspired contests” to the night, such as:

  • Scottish poetry karaoke
  • Bagpipe sing-a-longs & trivia
  • C List celebrity readings
  • Some dude with a bag pipe
  • Scottish accent contests
  • Kilt dressing contests

There will be loads of prizes and plenty of tom foolery to boot. Come drink your fill of Glenlivet and party with us to celebrate some old Scottish dude’s birthday. And fake 8pm New Year’s Eve. And because you don’t have sh*t to do.

P.S. Mark you day-timer for March 11th, which is Lepre*CON 2017 at Park Tavern.

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