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BREAKING NEWS: Lepre*CON To Replace TomorrowWorld

BREAKING NEWS: Lepre*CON To Replace TomorrowWorld

Tom Humphreys

February 17th, 2016

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AP Release; A Social Mess’ Lepre*CON Festival said to replace TomorrowWorld as the best festival in Atlanta this year due to all the hardships that fell upon TomorrowWorld last year. This comes as no surprise to Lepre*CON’s producers because they have been drunk for 6 straight years. What is Lepre*CON you ask? GREAT QUESTION KARL. Lepre*CON is A Social Mess’ bastardization of a St. Patricks Day festival held at Park Tavern and Piedmont Park on March 5th. Critics agree that there are 10 main reasons that the Lepre*CON Festival is better than TomorrowWorld. We caught up with Sara Davis, who was a member of A Social Mess until an abrupt retirement this year who had this to say about the differences in the two festivals:

10. Lepre*CON is NOT on an animal-less farm 35 miles from Atlanta with zero cell service and 60,000 Kandi Ravers named Molly PLURing at each other.


9. Lepre*CON  doesn’t have 12 different stages playing the exact same song for 12 straight hours.


8. A Bud Light won’t cost 22.876 pearls which converts to $84.25 dollars requiring you to load $200 on your magical bracelet from a  ATM that works 42% of the time.

TW bracelet

7. Craig Devaney’s Instagram.


6. A Social Mess didn’t hire a retired, 8 foot tall gigantic NBA player to DJ.


5. You don’t have to sleep in the woods for two days waiting on Uber at Lepre*CON.


4.  Lepre*CON’s VIP doesn’t cost $5000 and include a shitty one person TeePee tent because A Social Mess is too dumb to figure out how to do VIP. Unless you want VIP. If so, email and he will figure it out I guess.


3. A Social Mess doesn’t hire $200,000 European DJ’s because A) they won’t do a Wet T-shirt contest during their sets B) they play the exact same songs as $200 DJs C) they require helicopter rides. A Social Mess doesn’t have a helicopter. They don’t even know anybody that has a helicopter.

#3 on to the plane

2. Tomorrow is NOT a mystery. Tomorrow is a huge f*cking hangover.

1. A Social Mess won’t file Bankruptcy if there is scattered light rain.

New 2

There you have it. Seems like TomorrowWorld is now YesterdayWorld and all of Atlanta is gearing up for the 6th annual installment of Lepre*CON on March 5th from 2:00 pm to 2:30 am at the Park Tavern. Iron your drinking pants and grow a green t-shirt. It’s on….

Tickets available HERE and are $485 cheaper than 2015 TomorrowWorld tickets.

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Two Stages – 10 DJs – Live Band – Bud Light – Wet T-shirt Contest – Donut Eating Contest – Twerk Contest – Surprises all day long

Side Note: We have been to TW every year and had a f*cking blast! Rave on ravers.


-Trey Humphreys

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